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OWI is the world’s leading research and advisory firm focused on identity, trust, and the data economy. At OWI, we’re uniquely positioned to help your business succeed and exceed expectations in the digital world. We had the foresight to know that identity would be the driving force behind every business – no matter the vertical. Tap into our expertise, intrinsic understanding, and combined 80+ years of experience to propel yours.

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GBG: Digital Acceleration & The Next Normal

The State of Identity podcast welcomes Laura Barrowcliff, Head of Strategy at GBG, for a candid discussion on the impact a strong digital identity has for businesses and consumers alike, taking a pointed focus on the potential mobile technology has in this capacity. Laura gives her expert perspective and dives further into

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April 20th, 2021

The digital revolution is here and is requiring companies to prepare, execute, and comply with customer expectations. With consistent evolution comes additional gateway points for fraudsters who too are transforming and adapting quickly during this digital era. Tune in to our roadmap to digital success – learn how to address multiple global regulations while stopping fraud

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