US government imposes new privacy training regulations for federal contractors

Adhering to privacy standards will now be a key expectation for federal government contractors in America, thanks to new rules that went into effect this week, ensuring that employees will receive annual training on privacy. The new rules were adopted as of Thursday...
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The Legal Identity Void

ID.Me CEO Blake Hall and Experian Fraud and Identity Solutions Senior Business Consultant Keir Breitenfeld discuss: social media-based identity verification (2:24), developing world identity differences (4:21), hurdles to increased adoption of digital identity (5:58), proliferation of identity verification methods (8:40), the legal identity void on the internet (10:59), the importance of standards (14:11), the ‘goldilocks’ segment (18:47), generational challenges (20:00), the moment of greatest risk for newly verified users (21:00), and the importance of customer experience (22:55).

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The Bitcoin “Model T”

Ripple Director of Regulatory Relations Ryan Zagone and FinTech executive and advisor Juan Llanos discuss: blockchain fundamentals (2:30), the Bitcoin “Model T” (5:05), keys to identity on the blockchain (6:32), distributed ledgers (9:00), government vs. private sector identity innovation (12:27), sovereign identity (14:00), open vs. permissioned blockchains (17:00), lessons learned from the payments space (20:30) and tips for identity startups (23:30).

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Death and Taxes: Identity History

One World Identity Executive Director Dasha Cherepennikova discusses: the etymology of identity (1:15), ancient Greek identity (2:32), favorite censuses (3:20), names and identity (4:51), identity verification (7:06), Disney’s favorite identity thief (9:55), cave painting (12:30), and the Romans (14:00).

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Challenges in a fragmented Identity Space

Au10Tix Managing Director Ron Atzmon and OWI Business Development Manager Peter Joukov discuss the role of government in establishing identity (2:45), U.S. state identity regulations (3:30), global ID standards for air travel (4:26), UK vs. German identity regulations (6:10), baldness and the challenges of anti-impersonation checks (9:40), David Cameron’s FinTech revolution (10:10), Israeli biometric ID controversies (14:25), alternatives to fingerprint biometrics (17:05), the privacy vs. security debate (18:45) and the evolution of identity on the web (19:15).

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