Together We Can Do So Much

OWI Working Groups bring together industry leaders, changemakers, subject matter experts, and investors to drive advancement in the identity ecosystem through discussion, collaboration, and action. Structured by industry, the working groups offer a collaborative forum for members to address unique identity challenges, build consensus, and develop valuable relationships.

Working Groups Objectives

Each individual OWI Working Group defines a custom scope and areas of focus. However, these core objectives remain common to all Working Groups:

  • Discuss and mold the next generation of identity technologies and implementations.
  • Drive collaboration within, and between, industry silos.
  • Provide group members with access to the people and technologies on the cutting-edge of the identity space.
  • Enable development in the identity space through the publication of group white papers.

Working groups gather periodically, with each meeting organized around a single prompt. Results from each session will form the basis of a white paper drafted from the collective input of working group members. The white paper’s from each session will be freely available to the public on each of the respective working group homepages.

Annually, members from across working groups will gather for a single day to share lessons learned unique to their industry, and help break down silos standing in the way of meaningful collaboration.

Get Involved

If you would like more information about OWI Working Groups, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, for specific queries regarding one of the Working Groups, please click on the group’s homepage for further information.