Working Group Whitepaper – Surviving ‘GDPR-mageddon’

Washington, D.C. – June 12, 2018 – One World Identity (OWI), an independent identity research and strategy company, today released its ‘OWI Working Group: Surviving GDPR-mageddon’ white paper, surveying OWI’s Working Group to get an intimate view of how they’re preparing for GDPR, what immediate challenges they’re addressing, and how they view the future of the regulation.

OWI Working Group members are a diverse set of identity professionals from across industries and job roles, many of whom have been on the front lines of compliance preparation. The Working Group member responses provide valuable insight into the regulation’s practical reach, the ongoing process of achieving compliance, and the ways in which GDPR will shape identity in the long run. Among the survey’s findings are the following observations:

  • Nearly 20 percent of Working Group members agreed that GDPR will not outweigh the costs to the business.
  • OWI Working Group members share the view that GDPR represents a valuable opportunity to bolster Trust & Safety and spark new business models, despite potential growing pains and upfront costs in the short term.
  • 50 percent of Working Group members found the ‘right to be forgotten’ will have the greatest impact on the existing identity landscape.
  • Countries ranging including Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Argentina, South Korea, and more, are bolstering their own regulations in order to be recognized by the EU Commission’s “white list” for personal data transfers and maintain priority access to trade deals with the EU bloc.

“It’s clear that GDPR has fundamentally changed business practices across the identity industry, both within the EU and beyond,” said Travis Jarae, CEO of OWI. “Sharing individual experiences with compliance across industries will continue to be critical for helping our industry maintain its innovative edge, improve user experience, and build relationships with the regulatory community. Facilitating this type of quality discourse is a founding principle of OWI Working Groups.”

OWI has been analyzing the regulation and its fundamental impact on the identity landscape for over a year, and its research and client conversations culminated in the last report, “Survivor’s Guide to GDPR-mageddon,” released in May 2018.

Download the whitepaper, “OWI Working Group: Surviving GDPR-mageddon,” here.