Webinar: Lost in Translation, Hosted by GDC

March 5, 2020
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Transacting across borders is never simple. For multinational organizations, traversing languages, alphabets, and cultures are ongoing challenges. This is especially true when it comes to onboarding customers from China. On top of KYC and AML regulations, the Chinese written alphabet is challenging to process for identity verification against the Latin alphabet. Fortunately, this problem has spurred innovation. GDC’s new Intelligent Name Translation Engine (INTE) leverages artificial intelligence, big data, research, and feedback loops to solve the problem of traditional character to Latin name translation.

Last week, we partnered with Global Data Consortium on an insightful webinar, that tackled challenges in translation and transacting across borders. In case you’ve been on one-too-many conference calls from your newfound home office and missed the session, we have your back. Take a listen now and gain unmissable insights on current challenges and new solutions to this problem.

You’ll gain:

  • Insights into the problems of Identity verification across language barriers and alphabets
  • Various existing solutions for companies to meet these challenges
  • An in-depth explanation of GDC’s Intelligent Name Translation Engine


Presented by:

  • Alice Zhou, Sr. Associate, OWI
    • Alice is responsible for providing comprehensive insights and analysis of the identity industry. Prior to OWI, she was an Investment Analyst at Essential Properties Realty Trust, responsible for underwriting middle-market sale-leaseback transactions. Alice received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Cornell University.
  • Harsheen Khandpur, Senior Engineer, GDC
    • Harsheen is a senior engineer on the product team at the Global Data Consortium (GDC). GDC’s cloud-based platform, Worldview, provides identity verification as a service allowing businesses to verify customer identities and adhere to regulatory and money laundering guidelines around the world. GDC’s Worldview platform provides a global solution to reducing friction during customer onboarding while still complying with regulatory, privacy and money laundering guidelines in over 50 markets.
  • Liam King, GDC
    • Liam is a digital identity specialist at GDC, helping customers verify individuals and comply with AML and KYC regulations.