Using Biometric Technologies to Enhance Trust and Safety

For Trust and Safety Professionals
13 December 2017, 1:00PM EST

Biometrics can be a great way to improve convenience and reduce fraud—they help you make sure that you’re providing the right privileges to the right individuals. However, biometrics are inherently probabilistic technologies that create challenges. They also raise questions about their efficacy and social impact, and bring up tricky legal and policy concerns, too.
This webinar will examine how biometric technologies can enhance (and create challenges) in Trust and Safety across five key pillars: user assurance, fraud, security, data stewardship, and regulatory compliance.

Key takeaways:
  • Identify ways in which biometric technologies enhance trust and safety relationships.
  • Outline challenges that biometric technologies may introduce in trust and safety efforts.
  • Understand the impact that biometrics will have with regard to fraud detection, cybersecurity, especially with regard to OWI’s 5 building blocks of identity.

Meet the Presenter

Maxine Most

Maxine Most, founding Principal of Acuity Market Intelligence, is recognized as the definitive authority on global biometrics market development. Throughout her 30-year career, Ms. Most has evangelized emerging technology on five continents. Since 2001, she has focused on biometric and digital identity markets where she has earned a stellar reputation for innovative thought leadership and a proven ability to accurately anticipate biometric and digital identity market trends.

Throughout her career, Most has provided strategic expertise in emerging markets such as biometrics, identity management, e-commerce, interactive services, and 2D and 3D visualization and image processing. She has worked with start-ups, established technology market leaders, Global 1000’s and a range of organizations in between.

Ms. Most is the author of numerous Acuity research reports and regularly offers insight and analysis in on and off-line publications, is quoted often in the press, and presents regularly at industry events on the evolution and development of biometrics and digital identity markets. She graduated from the UC San Diego with a multi-disciplinary degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and minors in Visual Arts and Economics.

Twitter: @cmaxmost

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