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Trulioo and OWI get down with KYC – One World Identity

Global ID verification company Trulioo has cut loose with the release of a parody music video to raise awareness around Know Your Customer (“KYC”) requirements.

Set to the tune of Naughty by Nature’s hip-hop classic “Down with OPP,” Trulioo’s “Down with KYC” parody sheds light on the importance of KYC and Anti-Money Laundering compliance in the FinTech industry.

“This was a really fun project for our team, but more importantly, our goal was to encourage dialogue about the importance of identity verification,” said Kim Hong, VP of Marketing at Trulioo. “KYC rules are important to ensure safety and trust online, and to protect against nefarious criminal activities, such as money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud.”


Filmed at the 2017 K(NO)W Identity Conference, and in Trulioo’s hometown of Vancouver, the lip dub features cameos from across the identity industry, including One World Identity’s own Travis Jarae, Peter Joukov, and Cameron D’Ambrosi. The use of tween actors as the video’s focal point was also a subtle educational nod.

“We featured kids in the video because oftentimes they are victims of synthetic identity fraud,” said Hong. “Criminals target young children by using their social security number to open accounts or to create new, fake identities because they won’t realize they are a victim of identity theft until the age of 16 when they open a bank account or apply for a credit card.”