Travis Jarae

Founder & CEO

Travis is the visionary behind One World Identity. As one of the world’s most prominent thought leaders on digital identity and technology, he is at the forefront of building a community that’s passionate about identity and dedicated to solving the most challenging issues at the heart of digital transformation.


Travis founded OWI in 2015. OWI 1.0 was a non-profit that provided technical assistance to development organizations. The OWI of today launched in the summer of 2016, advising executives and regulators on digital identity standards, product design, and implementation.


Prior to founding OWI, Travis held leadership roles at Google, Deloitte, and Citi. Most recently, he was the Global Head of Digital Identity at Google, responsible for the company’s identity verification and customer onboarding programs. As a three-time startup founder, Travis has a keen eye for helping organizations navigate growth market opportunities and deploy resources strategically.

Recent Work

OWI Digital Identity Landscape: 2021

Impacts on the Digital Identity Landscape in 2021 In the five years that OWI has analyzed the evolution of the Digital Identity Landscape, we’ve found

2019 Identity Industry Landscape

Each year, OWI designs an Identity Landscape, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of leaders in the identity space. As the identity industry rapidly develops,

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