State of Identity Rewind: February

March 5, 2021
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Rewind and replay! Each week, guests join the State of Identity podcast with host Cameron D’Ambrosi to break down barriers and expand on the latest industry trends. 


In February, we invited leaders from Sumsub, Telos Corporation, GS1 and Constella Intelligence to discuss:

  • Secure onboarding and customer experiences
  • Automation in cybersecurity
  • The evolution of the barcode and IDoT
  • Leveraging cybercrime for good


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Sumsub: Solving the Conversion Equation: How to Onboard More While Keeping Fraudsters at Bay



Host Cameron D’Ambrosi chats with Vyacheslav Zholudev, Founder and CTO at Sumsub, an identity verification platform for people-friendly checks, automated compliance processes, and fraud protection gear. They talk about what influences platform user conversions, common pain points, and how to ensure a conversion process is secure yet frictionless (enough). Tune in to learn how to onboard more users while keeping fraudsters at bay.


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Telos Corporation: The Evolution of Cybersecurity



Host Cameron D’Ambrosi chats with Steve Horvath, VP of Strategy and Cloud at Telos Corporation. Tune in to hear how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework is applicable across public and private sectors and what mobile technologies have blurred the corporate lines. Horvath also shares the lessons he’s learned in handling systems and compliance issues for federal IT professionals, and the benefits of automated vs. manual compliance in accommodating new cybersecurity regulations.


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GS1 US: Raising the Bar(code)



What does technology scalability look like without the standardization of digital identity?

In this episode, Melanie Nuce, SVP, Corporate Development at GS1 US, joins host Cameron D’Ambrosi to discuss the evolution of the barcode over the next 5 years, the potential found in creating a more robust digital identity layer within the supply chain, and how GS1 Standards support the technology that enables supply chain transparency.


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Constella Intelligence: The Light Side of Cybercrime



On an all-new episode of the State of Identity Podcast, OWI host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, sits down with Alberto Casares, VP of Threat Research at Constella Intelligence, to discuss the rise of cybercrime amid COVID-19. Tune in to hear how he’s spinning this into a potentially positive outcome, leveraging breached and leaked data to protect citizens and organizations around the world.


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