State of Identity is the leading podcast for the identity industry. Each week host Cameron D’Ambrosi brings together the greatest minds in identity for an open discussion on the present and future technologies, companies, people and paradigms that define who we are in the modern world, and how the world defines us.

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The Future is Decentralized

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi joins HYPR CEO George Avetisov and CTO Bojan Simic to discuss the benefits of decentralized security for our connected world, the premature declaration of the death of the password, and why user experience is at the heart of driving adoption of new security technologies.

Endpoint Protection and Securing the IoT

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins AppGuard President and COO Mike Fumai to discuss the distinctions between endpoint protection and anti-virus software, the changing cybersecurity landscape, and the future of IoT and medical device cybersecurity.

Demystifying Data

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins DemystData CEO Mark Hookey to discuss how businesses are using technology to extract more value from less data, while simultaneously reducing risk, and complying with an increasingly difficult data privacy regulatory landscape.

The Future of Medical Licensing

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins Federation of State Medical Boards Chief Information Officer Michael Dugan and Senior Director of Legal Services Eric Fish to discuss the challenges of ensuring accurate licensing records for doctors, and promising blockchain technology pilot programs helping to drive future advances.

OWI Labs: blockchain hype vs. reality

OWI Labs Principal Analyst Kaelyn Lowmaster joins Editor in Chief Neil Hughes to discuss the current state of blockchain in the identity space, helping to pinpoint real, viable use cases for the technology instead of just baseless buzz. For more, check out the OWI Labs report Don't Believe the (Blockchain) Hype: The Definitive Primer on Identity and Blockchain.

An Identity-Focused Investment Thesis

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins PTB Ventures Managing Partner Dave Fields, to discuss why data isn't like oil at all, and how he developed an identity-focused investment thesis.

IdentityForce on Identity Theft

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins IdentityForce CEO Steven Bearak to discuss consumers best bets for fighting identity theft, how thieves are adapting, and employer adoption of identity theft protection services.

Preparing for GDPR

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins BigID CEO Dimitri Sirota to discuss the looming impact of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") on businesses worldwide.

Synthetic Identity Fraud: Fact and Fiction

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins ID Analytics VP of Client Services Garient Evans and Turnkey Analytics Chief Analytics Officer Amy Walraven to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the growing challenges of fighting synthetic identity fraud.

Privileged Identity Management For Dummies… and Experts

Host Cameron D’Ambrosi joins Simeio Solutions Senior Partner Shawn Keve and VP of Product Solutions Abhi Yadav to discuss the unique challenges of Privileged Identity Management as compared to Identity Access Management.

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