State of Identity is the leading podcast for the identity industry. Each week host Cameron D’Ambrosi brings together the greatest minds in identity for an open discussion on the present and future technologies, companies, people and paradigms that define who we are in the modern world, and how the world defines us.

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Author and Linux Journal Senior Editor David “Doc” Searls, and Evernym CEO/Co-Founder Timothy Ruff discuss: the origin of siloed identity (2:40), high vs. low-trust identity environments (4:22), origins of the term “self-sovereign identity” (7:01), establishing trust without centralized authority (10:58), invention as the mother of necessity (15:44), the Faustian bargain of “free” web services (16:50), data privacy winds of change (23:22), self-sovereign identity as a means of communication (25:25), European vs. American data privacy perspectives (27:27), the self-sovereign identity startup “Sovrin” (37:50), the fundamental breakthrough of distributed ledger technology (39:27), and the Internet Identity Workshop (45:10).

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