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Startup plots drone-delivered packages that could securely fly in your window – One World Identity

October 18, 2016

While retailers like Amazon are pushing for automated aerial drone-based package deliveries, a San Francisco company hopes to take it one step further, allowing drones to actually access your home and leave a package securely inside.

Startup company Chronicled plans to use a combination of established technologies, including the Ethereum Internet of Things platform and a Bluetooth Low Energy identity chip to authenticate its drones. Once verified, the delivery vehicle could gain access to the home, as authorized by the customer.

Chronicled is working on an open-source registry for IoT microchips and consumer products based on the Ethereum blockchain. The company believes its technology could eliminate a significant expense for businesses, as an estimated 28 percent of delivery costs come from the last mile.

In particular, specific customer needs for delivery — such as pre-signing for packages or requests like “don’t ring the door bell” — create a major source of friction for deliveries.

By automating those requests and allowing users to securely authorize access to their home, Chronicled’s solution A video showcasing a prototype of its technology shows a woman using her phone to receive quick delivery of a medicine refill, all before she gets ready in the morning.

The system is said to be secure, thanks to the use of Bluetooth for communication between the drone and window, and Blockchain connectivity that enables the window to verify that the drone is authorized to have access to the home.

Of course, both the technology used and the use case scenarios presented highlight how digital identity will go beyond a person themselves, and also encompass their belongings, surroundings, and even their home itself.