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Mastering eKYC Globally

November 24, 2020

Customer onboarding around the globe is in the midst of a seismic shift, as consumers and institutions move towards digital flows for reasons of safety, convenience, and cost-savings. All parties involved, aside from those looking to commit fraudulent activity, yearn for dependable eKYC programs that can be implemented at scale and interoperate on a global level. Join One World Identity, Mastercard, Goldman Sachs and the Australian Digital Transformation Agency for a discussion on the progress being made towards achieving these goals, the respective roles of private and public-sector stakeholders, and the evolving eKYC needs for both consumers, institutions, and governments.


Cameron D’Ambrosi, Principal Advisory Services (OWI)


Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President, Digital Identity (Mastercard)

Jonathon Thorpe, General Manager Digital Identity and myGov (Digital Transformation Agency, The Australian Government)

Lovlesh Chhabra, Managing Director, Head of Product Identity & Access Management (Goldman Sachs)


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The Evolution Of Identity In The Marketplace

January 19, 2020 | 12 PM ET

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