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The Alternative Data Revolution: Fast Forward to Today's Inclusive Lending Through Big Data & AI

September 22, 2020

While mobile payments usage has taken off in developed countries, millions of users in the US and globally are still without access to financial services due to their thin or non-existent financial identity. Utilizing mobile data and other digital touch-points to build alternative credit files can offer the previously un- and underbanked critical entry points into the financial system. How have Juvo, Kiva, and other innovators addressed this gap and its inherent opportunity globally? How have legacy providers, including FiDaaS (financial data identity as a service) players, responded? What have they learned to date about the value of alternative data, particularly now as we’ve entered into a COVID-induced economic down-cycle?


Robin Weiss, Sr. Technology Advisor (Fidelity Investments)


Schan Duff, VP of Strategy (Kiva)

Steve Polsky, Founder & CEO (Juvo)


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Catalyst Technologies Across The Identity Ecosystem

October 13, 2020 | 12 PM ET

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