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Digital Identity & Telemedicine: the Future of Healthcare


After watching telemedicine utilization spike and fall during the COVID-19 lockdown, our team of expert analysts examined the role of digital identity in solving lasting ramifications – establishing trust, user-centricity, and secure connections – for the industry to experience long-term success.

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Gain unlimited access to all OWI published research 

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In this paper we will offer insight into several of telemedicine’s most pressing trust and safety challenges, solutions to these problems, and future trends we believe will be instrumental in shaping the direction of the industry. And lastly, we will provide an analysis of 15 companies competing as marketplace providers, wearable technologies, and electronic health records (EHR) solution providers.

The report includes

– An in-depth background of the history and current state of telemedicine

– Expert views on market sizing and investment trends

– An overarching look at digital identity’s role in future development

– An understanding of current key players across the landscape

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