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Developing Trust: Uniting Fraud and Consumer Experience Through Digital Identity


Fraud and CX used to have a contentious relationship. But with strong foundational digital identity infrastructure, fraud efforts can provide greater insight into the user to enable CX teams to build improved services and offerings.

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Gain unlimited access to all OWI published research 

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Created in partnership with SAS, this report provides an overview and analysis of a top-down approach that aligns organizational goals while reducing or eliminating silos from both a data and organizational front. We evaluate the benefits and synergies found within and between fraud, marketing, CX, sales, compliance, and other teams, as well as the efficiencies enabled by clear identification of users.

The report includes

  • Uniting Fraud and CX
  • Characteristics of Strong Fraud and CX Leaders
  • Technology Enablers For CX and Fraud
  • Key Takeaways
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