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Authentication and Verification: Uncover ROI Through Biometrics


The very cornerstone of digital interaction is trust — the need to know that the people, organizations and devices that we are communicating with are legitimate. At the crux of this are authentication and verification, ensuring that identities are proven and that access is granted only to those entities that are permitted to do so.

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Gain unlimited access to all OWI published research 

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Created in partnership with iProov, this report provides a timely overview of why biometrics are coming of age, the challenges that they face, and the business outcomes that they can provide in terms of fraud reduction, a streamlined customer experience, greater inclusivity, and meeting regulatory requirements for strong authentication.

The report includes

  • A Brief History of Biometrics
  • Changes in Biometrics in 2020 and Beyond
  • Business Benefits from Leveraging Biometrics
  • The Roadmap of The Future
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