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Mitigating the Mobile Account Takeover Epidemic


The statistics outlined in this report speak for themselves — ATO fraud grew over 650% in 2020. While some of this could be chalked down to newly digital users and something of a pandemic “fog of war”, 2021 may not be much better since fraudsters may be more focused on business as usual now that COVID19 related schemes are drying up.

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Gain unlimited access to all OWI published research 

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Created in partnership with TMT Analysis, this report offers a non-binary response to fraud.  Solutions can be built in layers, adding necessary verification steps as and when the risk profile warrants their requirement.

Download to learn more about the current state of mobile account takeover fraud and best practices for risk mitigation.

The report includes

  • Account Takeover Fraud— Exponential Growth for Pandemic Opportunists

  • The Danger of Mobile Account Takeover

  • Time to Detection Challenges

  • The Upsides to Layered ID Verification

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