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Facilitating Trust in a Shifting Identity Landscape


2020 was the year that brought digital identity to the forefront, with the global pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital services across industries like eCommerce and financial services. Rapid digital transformation has intensified existing identity challenges and caused a rise in fraud activity, with TransUnion noting an 11 percent increase from March to June 2020.

This report, brought to you by Trulioo, analyzes the growing demand for digital services and how regulatory development, increased fraud activity, and changes in consumer sentiment are posing challenges for industry experts.

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Both public and private entities have recognized the growing importance of digital identity. Digital identity networks, with access to a wide variety of trusted data sources and a comprehensive suite of identity verification services, can help businesses provide a seamless and secure user experience, minimize fraud risks, and navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. This paper, brought to you by Trulioo, explores the shifting role of digital identity in facilitating trust.

The report includes

  • A deep-dive analysis of the role of digital identity in the modern economy
  • An assessment of why digital identity networks are well-positioned to solve the long-standing issues that are a result of digital transformation.
  • Three industry case studies — online retail, the sharing economy, and financial services — that illustrate the direct benefit of digital identity networks in solving common challenges across these sectors. 
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored report in partnership with Trulioo. This content may feature views not held by One World Identity. Any reference in this report to products or services related to an organization does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of One World Identity.
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