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Commitment Issues: Trust & Safety Through the Digital Fog


Trust is the essential foundation of most any relationship, whether personal, professional or even financial.

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Trust is the essential foundation of most any relationship, whether personal, professional or even financial. How to establish that trust can be a conundrum, particularly in the digital age, where a lack of identity knowledge can jeopardize online transactions and services.

Without trust and safety, it all falls apart. And in the fog of the digital age, where visibility is limited, trust and safety must be earned. But first, they need to be defined.

Commitment Issues: Trust & Safety Through the Digital Fog explains how trust and safety are essential conditions for organizations to establish when not only operating a digital ecosystem, but also encouraging participation in it. Furthermore, the report details why identity is central to establishing trust and safety.

Traditional business teams that work with identity data have an incomplete view of identity. Many fail to see that identity is a central node for developing trust and safety practices. Here, OWI shows how establishing a trust and safety focused team can allow organizations to maximize their identity knowledge and increase trust and safety for all participants across a digital ecosystem.

In this whitepaper, OWI sets the stage for trust and safety by explaining why these two states are so important for any economic transaction. We also detail how trust and safety in digital ecosystems differ from traditional economic ecosystems. This paper also discusses why the fog of the digital makes these sentiments much harder to accurately assess.

Relationships provide the basic structure for these ideas, so we look at trust and safety through three types of market relationships, by both defining the problems, as well as explaining how organizations can begin to respond to them. Finally, the paper describes how organizations have historically dealt with these problems in siloes, and why a unified identity approach is beneficial to said organizations. Future reports will detail the mechanics and nuance of each subtopic, aiding organizational decision making for identity, trust and safety.

The report will include

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