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Build For Billions: Creating Identity Solutions that Scale


Following our Digital Roundtable event, Build for Billions: Creating Identity Solutions at Scale, the OWI analyst team condensed the key takeaways shared. The answer to developing solutions that scale is to identify the “hidden carrot” by providing users with a coveted experience they aren’t receiving today.

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Today, we find ourselves at another critical inflection point. COVID-19 has disrupted the way in which we interact, transact, and conduct business. In a socially distant world, organizations have been forced to launch their services online, vastly accelerating the need for critical digital identity solutions that can be performed remotely. In a world of remote everything, organizations with digital resiliency will emerge from the crisis stronger, as we collectively examine the technologies, regulations, processes, and experiences that underscore trust in the digital age.

The report includes

Key takeaways include:

  • Identity is contextual — from visiting an adult website to registering to vote. These contextual nuances must be taken into consideration for consumer adoption at scale.
  • Technology is leapfrogging regulation in many regards, and attention must be paid to ensure that forging ahead with technological solutions does not come at the expense of inclusion.
  • One of the more forward-looking areas of identity is the merging of probabilistic datasets with deterministic data points to reduce friction and user drop-off rates across onboarding flows.
  • The shifts in enterprise and consumer behavior created by the impact of COVID-19 will be permanent, accelerating the transition to digital identity frameworks globally.
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