January Industry Cheat Sheet


January was an exciting month for the identity industry. OWI’s Industry Cheat Sheet is your briefing on emerging developments across the industry and will give you the resources to be prepared for a diverse set of industry-specific questions.

OWI’s Industry Cheat Sheet is your pocket-sized companion to the identity and security space. This report is designed to provide a quick — but comprehensive — dive into “under the radar” identity stories you may have missed, and give you the answers to questions your investors and clients will have on their minds in the coming month.

The Report will include:

  • Identity under the radar – Longer-term dynamics highlighting the “hidden” business of identity
    • A look ahead at identity in 2019
    • The battle over location data
    • New ruling claims all logins created equal
    • Google gets first GDPR fine
  • Questions you’ll be asked this month – The issues your clients and investors are likely to raise this month, and the tools you’ll need to answer them.
    • Did the shutdown impact your company
    • What happened at Davos?
    • Why should I go to KNOW?
  • Reading list – A few bonus articles, papers, and posts our team found interesting