Insight Reports

February Policy Report


March 5, 2019
By Team OWI

February was an exciting month for the identity industry. OWI’s Policy report is your briefing on the most impactful regulatory developments shaping the identity industry.

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OWI’s Policy Analysis report is your monthly briefing on the most relevant policies shaping the identity and security industries. This report is designed to provide quick — but comprehensive — insights into particular laws, policies, rules, regulations, and cases impacting the identity and cybersecurity landscape at federal, state, and international levels.

The OWI Policy Analysis will:

  • Bring you forward-looking policy analyses from OWI’s team of White House and Congressional alumni.
  • Provide a summary of key legislative action and highlight potential legislative movement coming in the following 30 days.
  • Highlight current and future legal decisions that may impact the identity and cybersecurity landscape.
  • Give you an overview of the positions and priorities of major identity and cybersecurity minded think tanks and associations.
  • Present the current business opportunities to provide identity or cybersecurity solutions to local, national, or international government agencies.

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