Product Innovation
& Design

Position your brand to shape the future. Your offerings have a unique personality, as do each of your customers. Although digital channels are replacing face-to-face interactions, Trust & Safety remains at the core of your customer relationships. We take a user-centric approach to product innovation and design, providing our clients with the insights they need to maintain a competitive advantage for the long haul.

How we do it

Product innovation requires creative thinking, deep subject matter expertise, and a willingness to put it on the table. We collaborate with our clients to manage the creative process, conduct feasibility studies, craft carefully designed proofs-of-concept and prototypes, and support execution throughout the product development cycle.

UX Research

OWI takes an analytical approach to persona profiling, uncovering customer preferences and exploring new audiences to reach. We’ll help you determine your target markets, identify underserved needs, and A/B test an improved user experience.

Strategic Planning & Product-Market Fit

OWI facilitates strategy days to translate your team’s thoughts into profitable proofs-of-concept. Our sprint-based workshops are carefully curated for your team to structure their ideas, test their assumptions, scope requirements, and gain stakeholder buy-in.

Product Management & Design

OWI collaborates with our clients across the product development lifecycle to evolve user journeys, design compelling prototypes, and structure compliant information architecture. The outcomes are a solidified MVP geared towards maximizing your go-to-market strategy.

Clients We've Worked with

case study

Case Study: GTM, Verify Product

OWI engaged with a biometric technology company to provide ongoing business development and market strategy support. Out Of Band (OOB) and biometric authentication providers are on the rise due to low barriers to entry and advances in technology. Companies struggle to differentiate and penetrate the market with a distinct competitive advantage. Although the number of identity-specific use cases are limitless, a single use case or small group of use cases to focus on has not been determined. The increasing number of service providers entering the identity marketplace makes it challenging to differentiate one offering from another. The engagement included support in two main areas, Current State Assessment and Market Analysis and Product Roadmap and Strategy.

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