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Your company is already in the data privacy business, no matter what products you sell or services you provide. The data you collect from your customers and employees is an inherently valuable asset, and mismanaging it can have severe economic, legal, and repetitional consequences. CCPA, GDPR, and a constantly evolving patchwork of global data privacy regulations and data localization requirements require a strategic partner with the right blend of technological and policy expertise.



Building trusted relationships with your customers starts with data transparency. Explaining the purpose and scope of data collection increases customer engagement, and reduces drop off rates, in addition to strengthening your regulatory posture.

Data Minimization

The era of data lakes is over. Limiting the scope of the customer data you collect is good business, not just good compliance, as the storage of unnecessary personal data generates excess risk with limited return. Leverage the latest advances in machine learning and behavioral modeling to minimize directly identifying information without tradeoffs.

The “Right to Be Forgotten”

Managing the varying global requirements for consumer access to, and erasure of, collected personal data remains a stumbling block for businesses of all sizes. What not to do? Request and store additional personally identifiable information from consumers to process their data requests. We build workflows that reduce manual processes, minimize data collection, and enhance customer satisfaction, while remaining compliant with global standards.


If your data is protected without the documentation to prove it, do any regulators hear it? Engage with our team of international experts to build a privacy and data protection program designed to meet both the spirit and letter of the regulations with the greatest potential impact to your business.


OWI Global Executive Network

Combining forces with Consult Hyperion, OWI offers your business direct access to 300+ global experts in digital identity, privacy, and data protection.

case study

Vendor Assessment

A U.S. focused fintech organization was exploring alternative document verification vendor solutions to augment their existing identity verification (IDV) stack. The company, who works with supporting banks to improve operations and customer experience, engaged OWI to improve their existing digital account opening process.

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