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OWI will contribute to ‘The RegTech Book,’ a crowdsourced bible for regulatory technology

March 27, 2017

“The RegTech Book” aims to be a definitive authority on emerging technology and services in the regulatory space, and One World Identity’s own Dasha Cherepennikova will contribute her expertise on the role of digital identities in RegTech.


Cherepennikova, executive director of One World Identity, will detail how digital IDs influence the RegTech space in a range of manners, including onboarding of both individuals and entities, proof of identity, and securely providing assurance, authentication and authorization.

Through her contribution, Cherepennikova plans to show why building digital identity schemes for the 21st century is such a vital endeavor, and a central piece for the financial services industry in general, and RegTech in particular. The book, coming in January of 2018, will be published by Wiley & Sons.

“I’m very excited to be working with leaders in the field for ‘The RegTech Book,'” Cherepennikova said. “I’m a firm believer in the disruptive power of technology, and I am excited that it’s being applied to regulation as well.”

Joining her in “The RegTech Book” is also Pascal Bouvier, a venture partner with Santtander Innoventures, and a board advisor to One World Identity.

One World Identity joins a host of other authors — selected from more than 200 submissions — whose content will comprise the final product. The title will be an education-focused product that will allow readers to learn about the emerging RegTech space from some of its most important influential voices.

“I see regulation as a huge opportunity — many processes and principles from regulation actually have very positive spillover effects to risk mitigation,” Cherepennikova said. “Identity is just one microcosm of this, and I look forward to seeing the perspectives of other industry leaders on their respective areas of opportunity.”