OWI takes deep dive on self-sovereign identity in July analysis

The latest monthly Market Trends Report from OWI Labs goes in-depth on the concept of self-sovereign identity — giving control of personally identifiable information back to individual consumers.

Note: While it can be purchased separately for $295, the OWI Labs monthly Market Trends Report is also included as part of part of OWI’s Advisory Services. For more information on this report or to enquire about our Advisory Membership, please contact our client services team at: client-services@oneworldidentity.com.

What if consumers could own their data directly, and have control over how it’s used by service providers across transactions? Advances in blockchain technology have led to some exciting tools for creating persistent, portable, self-sovereign digital identities for people, entities, and things.

This month, we spotlight a few dynamics in particular that make self-sovereign identity a sector to watch. The July month in review Market Trends Report includes:

  • A spotlight on self-sovereign identity, including the latest news and trends related to consumer control of sensitive data.
  • Exclusive data on awareness and adoption related to self-sovereign identity, including countries where more consumers have heard of the concept.
  • A map of the self-sovereign identity sector, including a breakdown of key players to watch.

As always, the OWI Market Trends Report also includes our Market Barometer, Identity Deals to Watch, Identity Under the Radar, and our key Questions You’ll be Asked This Month.