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Incident Response for Trust and Safety

If you’re an organization that deals with personal information, it’s critical to have an appropriate and timely response after any security incident. These incidents can have significant consequences for customers, your economics, and especially your reputation. Fortunately, there are many resources that help guide a company’s response, especially as you interact with the U.S. government.

This webinar will walk through current documents governing interaction with the U.S. government. It will also detail real-world examples, and the effects that they had on an organization’s Trust & Safety. By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how incident responses affect user perception and organizational health

  • Understand the roles played and resources offered by different government agencies when companies respond to incidents

  • Describe the roles individual employees have in causing incidents, and outline actions companies should take to limit those

  • Relay corporate and government best practices around establishing policies that enable individuals to report and respond to incidents

Trust Frameworks

As online interactions rapidly increase, so has the amount of information that’s used to complete those transactions. To govern how that data is collected and used, there’s a set of rules known as “trust frameworks.”In this webinar, OIX’s Don Thibeau and OWI’s Katie Stephens will discuss the form and function of trust frameworks for identity systems. At the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Define a trust framework in the general case and identify common trust frameworks.
  • Understand the problem that a trust framework is trying to solve.
  • Outline the characteristics of an identity system
  • Define a trust framework in the specific example of an identity system.
  • List several trust frameworks for identity.
  • Explain the defining characteristics of identity trust frameworks using specific examples.

Cybersecurity Trust and Safety

Because of the increased visibility and business impact of security breaches, organizations are paying extra attention to risk management. Unfortunately, it’s not always enough. This webinar will explain how you can identify and protect yourself against cybersecurity risks that are found through the supply chain.If an organization wants to deliver trust and safety for their users, employees, and the environment it operates in, it must manage potential risks from multiple sources. These risks and challenges may include different policies, compromised products, and access levels.

Biometrics, Trust and Safety

Biometrics can be a great way to improve convenience and reduce fraud—they help you make sure that you’re providing the right privileges to the right individuals. However, biometrics are inherently probabilistic technologies that create challenges. They also raise questions about their efficacy and social impact, and bring up tricky legal and policy concerns, too.This webinar will examine how biometric technologies can enhance (and create challenges) in Trust and Safety across five key pillars: user assurance, fraud, security, data stewardship, and regulatory compliance.