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OWI Institute launches at KNOW 2018, offering education & training in digital identity

March 26, 2018

On the first day of KNOW Identity Conference 2018, OWI announced the official launch of OWI Institute, a platform for education and training in the digital identity space. The new platform offers a structured webinar program, complete with certificates and a badge, providing a broad range of expertise to meet the needs of current and future identity professionals at all levels. OWI Institute is led by Director of Education Katie Stephens.

The courses, which include early signups from members of Capital One, have a focus on trust and safety integrated with risk management, policy and compliance domains, along with case studies providing the right balance between fundamentals and real-world applicability.

The courses can be found at

“Organizations that benefit from general product and service offerings often lack the customer’s trust required to manage their data. We recognize that trust & safety transcends industry verticals and is at a critical tipping point in our digital age,” OWI Chief Executive Travis Jarae said. “There are 77 percent fewer attacks on companies whose employees are frequently trained on phishing and other common security threats. Our goal is not just to help our clients respond to the market but help them to define it.”

The Trust & Safety Certificate and Badge will be the gold standard in identity and recognized internationally by financial institutions, governments and customers as a serious commitment to protecting consumer data. OWI developed the certificate format to allow professionals and their employers the flexibility to determine the appropriate level of education required, maximizing the program’s effectiveness. OWI Institute will offer the following certificates and badges:

  • Trust & Safety Guardian: Focus on an individual’s role in supporting an organization’s trust and safety mission along with personal data protection and fundamental issues around privacy.
  • Trust & Safety Advocate: Continued emphasis on Guardian level topics along with fundamental understanding of the importance trust and safety plays in achieving an organization’s goals and the roles that leadership should take in that mission.

“We have a team of big thinkers and tactical doers to help some of the best companies in identity evolve and collaborate in this dynamic space,” Stephens said. “The identity problem has shifted focus and requires more people centric solutions. OWI Institute will offer those solutions through our team of industry leaders, policy makers, and strategists, with years of experience in identity.”