Identity Sector Spotlight: Fintech

Fintech is having a very good year. Driven by a perfect storm of regulatory drivers, technological development, consumer demand, and a booming U.S. economy, the sector is hot. Established financial institutions are also turning to fintechs to augment their legacy of trusted transactions with emerging tech tools for security and personalization.

In this month’s fintech deep dive, we explore record high investment levels, and legacy institutions’ appetite for emerging tech tools continues to grow. We also break down fintech trends ranging from payments and banking through insurtech, and highlight what we think is coming in the next fintech wave.

We also give key trends and predictions in fintech, map out the space as it relates to identity, and spotlight the key players you need to watch in this booming market.

Beyond fintech, we also recap the month that was September 2018 in identity, including our the latest cybercrime stats, and background on a boom year for M&A. We’re also checking in on what’s changed a year after the Equifax breach. Spoiler alert: not much.

OWI’s other must-read segments include “Deals to Watch,” “Identity Under the Radar,” and our list of “Questions You’ll be Asked This Month,” putting you in the know with clients and coworkers.

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