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Sila sets out to disrupt the payment industry

In the United States the payment system, especially the transfer of funds, is dominated by a handful of large incumbent players, namely ACH, Visa,...

Microsoft’s new whitepaper discusses decentralized identification system

Last week, Microsoft released a whitepaper that describes the company’s latest initiative, a decentralized identification (DID) system. The new product suite will leverage the...

Tresata tags $50M, Demisto hauls in $43M, and Wiretap raises $11.1M: Friday Deal Book for 10/12/2018

OWI’s Friday Deal Book provides you with a weekly roundup of partnerships, funding, and investor highlights from across the identity industry. This week, we...


A Golden Needle in a Haystack

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi joins Accelitas CEO Greg Cote to discuss why lenders are struggling to effectively identify "good" customers despite the overwhelming amount of data available.

Sovrin: Identity for All

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi joins Sovrin Foundation Chair Phil Windley to discuss how self-sovereign identity is reshaping the digital identity landscape for both consumers and institutions across the globe.

Jumio: Trusted Identity as a Service

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi joins Johnson Ha, Jumio's Head of Sales for the Americas, to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the white-hot identity verification space, and how Jumio is differentiating themselves among competitors.
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