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‘I’ve got nothing to lose:’ One year after Equifax breach, study finds consumer inaction due to ‘optimism bias’

While the Equifax data breach increased consumer awareness of credit bureaus and identity data, a new survey of U.S. consumers found that most people...

Kentucky will issue separate ‘travel ID’ to meet federal Real ID requirements

The state of Kentucky announced on Monday that it will begin issuing a new "travel ID" to citizens starting in January of 2019, enabling...

Press release: Ipsidy launches Access mobile biometric perimeter protection

Ipsidy Inc., a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services, today announced the launch of Access, its out-of-the-box, mobile,...


State of Identity: Dominode CEO John Toohey on how blockchain can address regulated identity

OWI Senior analyst Simeon Beal talks with Dominode cofounder and CEO John Toohey for State of Identity's ongoing series on blockchain and identity. Toohey has 30 years of experience in software design, with a background in regulated gaming with Scientific Games. Dominode is spotlighted as a "Company to Watch" in OWI's new research, entitled "Blockchain and Identity in 2018: A Year of Promise and Pilots." Dominode stands out from the competition by focusing on regulated industries, such as gambling.

State of Identity: R3’s Abbas Ali talks blockchain and identity

OWI's latest research, “Blockchain and Identity in 2018: A Year of Promise and Pilots,” we profiles 18 blockchain companies making headway in the identity space. State of Identity features our conversations with some of the companies selected for the report. This week, R3 Director, Partner Solutions Abbas Ali talks about his company's Corda Open Source and newly announced Corda Enterprise products, and how R3 has made headway by diving into highly regulated industries such as banking and finance.

Sphere’s CEO talks blockchain and identity in 2018

Sphere Chief Executive Katherine Noall talks to us about her company's upcoming blockchain app, which is set to launch in December of this year.
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