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Washington state halts voluntary sharing of driver’s license information with federal immigration authorities

The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) announced earlier this week that it will no longer voluntarily share residents’ personal information with federal immigration...

Can Blockchain Help Solve the Problems of IDoT?

As the identity of things (IDoT) ​continues ​to ​drastically ​expand, ​there ​still ​remains ​uncertainties around ​the ​viability ​of ​existing ​cybersecurity ​measures ​to ​protect ​the...

VTech fined $650,000 for data privacy violations

The Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer VTech was fined $650,000 USD by a Northern District Court in Illinois on Tuesday, after exposing the personal data of over 5 million people, including adults and children in 2015.


The Institutional Economics of Identity

Sphere Identity CEO Katherine Noall, RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub Director Jason Potts, and RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub Research Assistant Alastair Berg join host Cameron D'Ambrosi to discuss self-sovereign identity, and RMIT's ground-breaking research into the institutional economics of identity. 

Blockchain is the Future of Advertising

MadHive Co-Founder/CEO Adam Helfgott and CTO Tom Bollich join host Cameron D'Ambrosi to discuss AdTech vs. MarTech, why blockchain is the future of advertising, and the new technologies helping companies globe comply with 2018's looming GDPR data privacy requirements.

Open Source Security? So Now You Know.

Snyk Founder and CEO Guy Podjarny joins host Cameron D'Ambrosi to discuss the central importance of open source software to the economy, and the security challenges posed by widespread adoption of open source code.
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