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PayPal sinks $520M into Simility & Hyperwallet, Cylance courts $120M – Friday Deal Book for 06/22/2018

OWI’s Friday Deal Book provides you with a weekly roundup of partnerships, funding, and product announcements from across the identity industry. This week, two...

Supreme Court advocates for personal data privacy, will require law enforcement to obtain warrants for cell phone location data

The Supreme Court on Friday passed down a decision that places new restrictions on the procurement of most forms of digital location data by...

Keyless concerns: 52% not yet comfortable relying on smartphones for home security and access

As smart locks and connected home accessories gain in popularity, most consumers are leery of replacing their physical keys with smartphone-based door locks, a...


Building Trust in the Sharing Economy

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi, Marketplace Risk Founder Jeremy Gottshalk, Sift Science Trust & Safety Architect Jeff Sakasegawa, and Onfido US Commercial Director Parker Crockford discuss...

The Digital Identity Crisis

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi and Gigya Co-Founder Rooly Eliezerov discuss his new book The Digital Identity Crisis, the chicken/egg problem of self-sovereign identity models, and the future of personal data.

GDC Co-Founders talk KYC and GDPR

Host Cameron D'Ambrosi and Global Data Consortium co-founders Bill Spruill and Charles Gaddy discuss the growing identity verification market, the impact of GDPR, and the connection between identity and financial inclusion.
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