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Building for billions with the proliferation of online marketplaces

The way the world builds businesses and enables transactions is changing. The advent of cloud computing and a mobile-first mentality has brought traditional marketplaces online, introducing the concept of trust & safety as the fuel to powering interactions in our digital economy. 


Identity is the foundation for all of these transactions. It’s the ability to assure that someone on the other side of a transaction is who they claim to be, every time. 


Our team of product innovators has extensive experience working with modern-day marketplaces on managing consumer data to effectively gauge risk, curb fraud, and build a lasting legacy of trust. 

We recognize the value in building a comprehensive identity stack, from start to finish, to create something unprecedented.


case study

Case Study: Payments Compliance AML Review and Vendor Assessment

A leading sharing economy company engaged OWI to define, assess, and improve their existing anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. The growing complexity of illegal activity schemes as well as enhanced regulations (e.g., NYDFS Part 504, EU 4th AML Directive)) required the client to examine their existing systems and evaluate new solutions to meet the evolving requirements of their compliance program.

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ICYMI: KNOW Identity Forum @ Airbnb HQ

On Monday, May 6th the KNOW Identity roadshow kicked off in style at Airbnb headquarters in beautiful San Francisco. This first KNOW Identity Forum of

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