Market Intelligence

At OWI, we don’t just help our clients respond to the market; we help them define the market. Make informed and proactive decisions to set your business above the competition. Experts in assessing strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors and understanding opportunities and threats before they happen, One World Identity works with organizations to optimize their businesses for success.

How we do it

We identify and capture signals about emerging regional and cross-sector market, policy, and investment trends to help foster informed and proactive decision making. What sets us apart is our unique proprietary market intelligence platform, OWI IQ, to help monitor thousands of companies building or leveraging digital identity products and services.

Market Segment

OWI determines which global geographies pose the most attractive return on investment, so you can decide whether to enter, exit, or reposition across your target markets.

Vendor Assessment
& Selection

We tackle the build-versus-buy decision, establishing competitive inroads and selecting specialist providers that satisfy your organization’s business requirements and operational objectives.

Peer Benchmarking
and Product

OWI offers actionable insights that you need to preempt the competition, respond to market threats, and tailor your products and services to the customers who need them most.

What sets us apart is our unique proprietary market intelligence platform, OWI IQ, to help monitor 10,000+ companies building or leveraging digital identity products and services

OWI IQ Process


We track 2,000+ companies, collecting specific bits of information including patent filings, proposed legislation, financial filings and movement of individuals across companies and projects.


Automated data collection and analysis using graph databases
Human-collected intelligence is layered on top of automated analysis


Validated by over 50 leading brands assessing digital identity products and services
Clients We've Worked with

case study

Case Study: Determining the Market Position for a Leading IDaaS Provider

A global biometric authentication and identity proofing company was actively planning to make a material R&D investment to build out its technology capabilities. OWI was engaged to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the technologies underpinning two of the client’s key product offerings.

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Market Intelligence

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