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Staying ahead of your competitors means knowing changes and trends before they happen and responding quickly when they do. Our team of subject matter experts provides original research and analysis across the identity industry to generate independent and actionable market and business insights. We provide clients with the means to stay ahead, act fast, and make good investments.

Market Insights

Gain insights and confidence in your decisions by having the complete picture

  • International market assessments & case studies
  • Market sizing & opportunity analysis
  • User experience studies

Business Research

Uncover company and sector-specific strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to inform strategic objectives and capital allocation.

  • Business trend reports & industry analysis
  • Company profiling & competitive benchmarking studies

Policy Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of how regulatory and policy changes may affect your business.

  • Regulatory impact reports & forecasting
  • Interoperability standards & collaboration efforts

Data Analytics & Visualization

Make better and faster decisions with data-driven insights.

  • Economics of identity
  • Survey data processing & analysis

Latest Reports

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