Creating and managing the digital identities of employees and customers is one of the greatest challenges facing enterprises today, across all market segments. Identity management is critical to remaining competitive as decentralization continues to expose weaknesses in legacy identity infrastructure. One World Identity, the world’s leading digital identity-focused advisory services practice, brings decades of experience, and a deep knowledge of the rapidly-evolving technology landscape to address the identity demands of your platform.

Identity Federation

The lack of a foundational digital identity layer is often referred to as the “original sin of the internet”, resulting in enterprise and industry-specific silos that have limited the interoperability of digital identities for decades. The technological and collaborative advances required to break the stalemate have finally arrived. Is your digital identity roadmap ready for the coming disruption?

Decentralized Credentials

A looming third-wave of digital identity transformation is poised to usher in an era of decentralization. New trust frameworks will allow for the sharing of trusted identities between untrusted counterparties, reducing reliance on centralized data sources, lowering costs, and handing consumers greater control over their personal information.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Advances in blockchain technology have made the dream of a truly decentralized, user-centric digital identity network possible. The tools are ready, the challenge that remains is building the collaborative frameworks that enable enterprises, governments, citizens, and employees, to take full advantage of self-sovereign identity’s true potential. 

Trust Frameworks

The digital identity landscape remains fragmented, with a diverse landscape of open and closed digital identity standards. Adoption of the right trust frameworks can be a flywheel for digital growth, while expending valuable engineering resources to integrate with the wrong standards can prove to be a costly mistake. We help our clients understand the intricacies of this rapidly evolving space, based on decades of digital identity experience.

We help our clients understand the intricacies of this rapidly evolving space, based on decades of digital identity experience.

case study

Case Study: Competitive Landscape

One of the world’s largest digital identity trust networks engaged OWI to develop a comprehensive understanding of the market and competitive landscape for a series of potential launch industry verticals.

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Apple’s Passport to the Private Sector

Earlier this month, Apple registered several patent claims regarding “verified claims of identity.” The patents detailed multiple methods of recording, transmitting, and verifying identity through numerous different instances of devices, including the iPhone.

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