& Growth Strategy

We don’t just consider how attractive a market is… we also look at how feasible it is. We help our clients to answer the question of “should we do this?” and augment our analysis by answering the question: how? As experts in launching identity products, our team devises distribution and growth strategies tailored to bring your product to the people and claim your stake in the market.

How we do it

Leveraging our unique Go-to-Market Methodology, we work with teams from day 0 through post-launch. Our detailed product roadmaps provide you with the blueprint to navigate the complexities of launching a new product across distribution channels so that your brand is positioned for success.

Market Analysis
and Distribution Strategy

OWI carefully distils your product’s value prop, solidifies a competitive pricing strategy, establishes appropriate distribution channels, curates a multi-pronged marketing plan, and performs market penetration testing – all preparing your teams to celebrate the big day.

Program Expansion

OWI’s Go-to-Market Methodology also extends to products already in-market. We evaluate the performance of in-flight products and programs, addressing market, economic, and regulatory challenges in order to propel growth.

Golden-Cog Strategy: Golden Cogs are enabling technologies that are extraordinarily valuable as integrated partners in platform solutions.

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case study

FinTech Market Expansion of IDV Capabilities Improves Pass Rates

How do you scale your business globally while curating a user experience consistent with the legislative, data accessibility, and cultural nuances of international markets? 


An international payments FinTech has a reputation for curating an efficient and coveted user onboarding experience in the markets in which it operates. The organization was proliferating by expanding into multiple developing countries and wanted to mirror the programmatic approach to user onboarding that was contributing to their recent success. Despite the organization’s operational capabilities to expand into emerging international e-commerce and sharing economies, the FinTech needed to scale its digital identity framework to account for:


  • Increased traction of payments processing and alternative banking products/services in emerging markets
  • Nuanced government regulations and unique risk behaviors specific to each region
  • Lack of coverage capabilities in emerging markets by U.S.-based tech companies and financial institutions


A lack of information regarding available identity verification (IDV) solutions was a hindrance to continued expansion. OWI was engaged in providing the FinTech’s compliance leadership team with a repeatable international IDV framework and to improve its customer onboarding operating model across South East Asia.

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