Let’s Get Trivial: OWI x Global Data Consortium

Are you a digital Identity expert? A FinTech savant? Or just a trivia fanatic? Take a break from your work-from-home routine and test your knowledge to see if you can beat the industry with us. Let’s get trivial!

As self-proclaimed trivia buffs who lost our go-to Thursday night trivia game to social distancing, we hope you’ll join us for a fun alternative!  Come test your mettle against other professionals in the field and have a few laughs while we’re at it.

May 21st , 12-1 PM EDT
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Categories include:

  • Categories Include:
  • Fintech Past & Present
  • Regulatory Roundup
  • Potent Potables 
  • Quarantine Hobbies

And in the meantime, your first question is: What Bank Issued the First Credit card?
Come prepared on Thursday, May 21st with the answer to win bonus points. See you there!

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