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Enabling digital identity to create faster, safer, and inclusive ways to access and use money

 Identity drives value exchange. As our connected economy grows, it’s more important than ever that digital finance and banking are built on robust, secure digital identity data. The advancement of financial services continues to be driven by evolutions in technology and customer behavior, with the rise of fintechs, open banking, and payments regulations accelerating the need for digital solutions. 


Our team of industry professionals explore how major financial service providers and platforms are using identity data to improve products, promote inclusion, and enhance transaction efficiency in a changing world. From concept inception through maturation, work with our team to build a seamless and secure competitive edge. 

Financial services has undergone a full transformation with the rise of innovative fintechs, open banking, and payments revolutionaries

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FinTech Market Expansion of IDV Capabilities Improves Pass Rates

How do you scale your business globally while curating a user experience consistent with the legislative, data accessibility, and cultural nuances of international markets? 


An international payments FinTech has a reputation for curating an efficient and coveted user onboarding experience in the markets in which it operates. The organization was proliferating by expanding into multiple developing countries and wanted to mirror the programmatic approach to user onboarding that was contributing to their recent success. A lack of information regarding available identity verification (IDV) solutions was a hindrance to continued expansion. OWI was engaged in providing the FinTech’s compliance leadership team with a repeatable international IDV framework and to improve its customer onboarding operating model across South East Asia.

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January 12, 2021
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September 22, 2020

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