The Future of Digital Identity in Payments

In this KNOW Identity Forum, we are heading to Atlanta, the payment processing capital of the world, to explore the intersectionality of payments and digital identity. 

In our modern economy, the relationship between identity and payments is inextricable. The digital economy is dependent on the secure exchange of value from one party to another. Correctly identifying digital identities at scale, however, remains an ongoing challenge for digital marketplaces, platforms, and businesses. 

Join us on November 20th to explore some of these challenges in more depth and learn from both payment and identity professionals on lessons learned from failed launches, best practices, and their perspective on industry trends including:

  • What are several traditional fraud vectors that are still affecting the market and how have those changed over the past 18 months? What are the most alarming payment fraud trends? 
  • What can digital identity professionals learn from payment professionals on building global interoperable infrastructures?
  • In the user experience, how do you find the middle ground between friction and user experience. How do you compete with companies that don’t prioritize security?
  • What are the most exciting payment trends in the industry? How do they leverage identity?

The evening will also include interactive activities, exclusive peer-to-peer networking, small bites and refreshments.

Attendance is limited to 75.

Keep the conversation going, and enjoy drinks and refreshments

**Drinks and light refreshments will be provided**

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About Uniken

Uniken’s REL-ID is a modern security platform that empowers you to drive truly transformative engagement with your customers. By delivering powerful security and combining it with a transparent client experience (CX), REL-ID lets you securely unlock new transaction types across any channel (mobile and web, and also email, voice, text, and chat) your customer wants, giving you much stronger engagement and higher share-of-wallet.


Nov 20 2019


05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


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