Discover how Augmented Intelligence is Changing the Identity Verification Game

While many of us have heard of AI and machine learning, it’s become clear that these technologies by themselves have shortcomings and cannot be relied on exclusively to verify the digital identities of new users accurately.  

Augmented intelligence is being pioneered to reinforce the role human intelligence plays when using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to identify fraudulent IDs and unearth fraud patterns.

Join Jumio Senior Account Executive Daniel Stalker, and OWI Director Cameron D’Ambrosi, as they discuss emerging best practices surrounding augmented intelligence.

Selected topics include:

  • The difference between augmented intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Why AI and machine learning, by themselves, are insufficient for identity verification
  • The critical conditions required for augmented intelligence
  • How augmented intelligence is improving verification accuracy and speed


Daniel Stalker, Senior Account Executive at Jumio, with extensive expertise in online identity verification.

Cameron D’Ambrosi, Director at OWI, an independent advisory and strategy consultancy focused on trust and the data economy.

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Dec 13 2018


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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