Don’t Believe the (Blockchain) Hype: The definitive primer on identity and blockchain

“Don’t believe the (blockchain) hype: The definitive primer on identity and blockchain” addresses one of the most intriguing and least understood technological developments of recent years through the lens of digital identity.

In this report, OWI provides clarity on identity use cases across industries, identifies specific attributes of blockchain that hold promise for identity, and surveys major players providing solutions using blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Readers will come away with an accurate picture of the current parameters of the blockchain landscape as it relates to identity, along with a clearer definition of the identity “problem” and potentially profitable areas for investment and future growth.


  • Key insights and company profiles on 40 blockchain-based identity solution providers
  • Tailored survey methodology aligning emerging blockchain solutions with identity use cases across people, entities, and things
  • Clear, authoritative definitions of 5 distinct identity use cases to cut through the blockchain “hype”
  • Original matrix illustrating the current state of blockchain in identity and emerging market opportunities
  • 27 pages of expert analysis and market research

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