Propelling the next wave of identity innovation

DISTIL, The Digital Identity Standards, Technology, and Innovation Lab, is the epicenter for community and resources propelling the next wave of technological transformation.

What is DISTIL?


Online and (normally) in-person, the DISTIL community is an engaging group of individuals from a broad set of industries focused on building better user experiences enabled by digital identity.

Working Groups and Roundtables

DISTIL Working Groups and Roundtables are a technology-agnostic, cross-sector, neutral forum to discuss industry initiatives, build partnerships, and establish leading practices to accelerate critical business initiatives.

Immersive Experience Lab

Captivate an audience! DISTIL offers opportunities to test your products in a sandbox environment, solicit feedback and mentorship from a community of 300+ subject matter experts, and access to proprietary information intended to accelerate the next wave of identity innovation.

Startup Accelerator Program

The DISTIL Accelerator (also known as “The Distillery”) is the only environment uniquely created for early-stage startups innovating in the digital identity space.

The Accelerator Program

Twice a year, we invite a hand-selected group of disruptive new startups to join a 12-week accelerator program in tandem with an investment from OWI Ventures. Within that time, our team of experts and investors work directly with each startup to shape their pitch and position their products. The 12-week program culminates in a Demo Day — where each startup steps into the spotlight and prepares to raise their next round. 

Alumni For Life

After Demo Day, companies continue to work with their mentors and the OWI Advisory Services team to refine their product roadmap, recruit talent, build a customer base, and raise additional capital. What’s more, alumni  gain access to everything DISTIL has to offer, including sandbox environments, working groups, private events, OWI research, and the OWI data utility lab.

Why Distil

We're all about

Access to Industry Game-Changers

In our curated 12-week program, you’ll access a group of investors who not only have their pulse on identity, they’ve built the industry.

We're Shaping a New Path

Ensuring each milestone is hit (and hit out of the park), OWI has developed a fresh, less prescriptive program that offers a more personalized approach to building your business and connecting you with the right people you need to know.

You Pick Your Advisors

During your first week, you will present your company to DISTIL’s group of advisors. Those that feel they can be helpful will meet with you 1-1, and you’ll have the chance to select the advisors who you’ll work with for the duration of the program.

Gain a Strong Team Behind You

In addition to selecting an advisor, you will also be assigned a member of the OWI Advisory Services team who will provide you with market intelligence and insights to help you navigate the evolving  digital identity landscape.

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