Every day, billions of interactions track the identity of people, entities, and things. We think of digital identity not as a what, but a how; it’s the hidden fabric enabling the seamless exchange of trusted information at the scale and speed required by global enterprises.

The Core of Digital Transformation

Digital identity sits at the nexus of the three core pillars of digital transformation: payments and eCommerce, marketing, and cybersecurity. At the intersection of each pillar lies critical functions required for organizational success — user experience, risk & compliance, and trust & safety.

Limitless Use Cases

From current business models across financial services or healthcare, to innovating online-to-offline marketplaces or fintechs, reliance on digital identity is the common thread. Formulating a robust digital identity strategy is the key to survival as digital transformation reshapes the competitive landscape.

Empowering Inclusion

Opening your platform to the widest possible user base is more than just ethical, it’s critical to remaining competitive. A comprehensive digital identity strategy is the key to quality user experiences that drive growth and enable inclusion, without compromise.

The Third Wave

The first and second waves of digital identity innovation were focused on the enterprise. Wave three is poised to redefine the consumer’s relationship with enterprises, as reusable, privacy-preserving credentials make the adoption of digital identity platforms requisite across all industries within the next decade.

We believe digital identity is the linchpin to this digital transformation.

case study

Private Equity Due Diligence: Jumio Raises $150M to Fuel Automation

How can private equity firms best expand their portfolio with investments in digital identity landscape leaders?


Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm, has deep growth investing experience across the cybersecurity, compliance, and fintech sectors. Looking for new opportunities to scale and invest in tech-enabled companies, Great Hill partnered with OWI to explore the identity and document verification segment of the digital identity landscape. To establish targets in line with their investment strategy, Great Hill engaged OWI to perform due diligence of Jumio, a provider of AI-powered identity verification and electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) solutions. As part of the engagement, OWI partnered with Equifax to evaluate broader market dynamics, a competitive assessment of market dynamics, competitive benchmarking across the target’s product portfolio, adoption of cross-vertical use cases, and plausible post-acquisition growth opportunities.

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