DFINITY dealt $102M, Tascent takes $19.5M, KNOW Award winner AirTM accepts $7M – Friday Deal Book for 08/31/2018

This week, DFINITY raises $102 million for a blockchain-based decentralized internet, Tascent raises $19.5 million for iris biometrics, 2018 KNOW Award winner AirTM nets a Series A round, plus funding for New Knowledge and GDS Link.

AirTM gets $7M from Series A

The Mexico-based company aims to bring down barriers to financial inclusion, and was awarded the distinction of “Greatest Social Impact Through Identity” at the 2018 KNOW Awards in Washington D.C. this March. AirTM makes it easier for users to transfer money, through practices such as depositing and withdrawing money from banks, gift cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrencies and more. The Series A round was led by BlueYard. [Read more]

DFINITY gets $102 million to scale blockchain tech

The funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, both of whom previously participated in a $61 million round earlier this year. Additional participation came from SV Angel, Aspect Ventures, Village Global, Multicoin Capital, Scalar Capital, Amino Capital, KR1, and DFINITY community members. Since being founded in 2015, DFINITY has raised more than $195 million. The company says its software computations can be completed in under 5 seconds, versus 3,600 seconds for the bitcoin blockchain. Rather than focus on cryptocurrency, DFINITY sees its technology being used for a wide array of applications, and could lay the foundation for a blockchain-based identity solution. [Read more]

Tascent takes $19.5 million from Series B

Joining NEC in the Series B round was Tano Capital, with participation from Min Aik Technology. Tascent specializes in facial, iris and fingerprint-based biometrics to verify identity. The company plans to use its funding to expand its products and expand globally. Currently Tascent products are said to serve tens of millions of people each year. [Read more]

New Knowledge nets $11 million for fake news fight

The funding round was led by GGV Capital, with participation from Lux Capital. GGV also participated in New Knowledge’s $1.9 million seed round. The company helps protect brands online from social media information by identifying fake accounts, fake news and propaganda campaigns. Customers can get early warnings of coordinated attacks through machine learning and artificial intelligence, helping to prevent brand manipulation. [Read more]

GDS Link gets minority investment for managing business credit risks

The Dallas-based firm received support from San Francisco’s Serent Capital, and GDS Link plans to use the money to accelerate its growth strategy. GDS Link provides software, analytics and consulting, specializing in areas such as credit scoring and collections. Industries of interest include financial services, retail, energy, telecommunications, and transportation. [Read more]