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Daon partners with EyeVerify for eye recognition biometrics in financial services

June 26, 2017

Securely accessing your bank account could soon become as simple as a quick glance of the eye, thanks to a new biometric partnership between Daon and EyeVerify.

The partnership will integrate EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology into Daon’s IdentityX authentication platform. Eyeprint ID is a FIDO-certified biometric solution, which will allow IdentityX customers an additional, secure biometric option beyond fingerprint, face and voice recognition.

The agreement comes as smartphone cameras and sensors continue to get more advanced, pushing biometrics in new ways that allow for faster, more convenient and more secure access to financial institutions and services. Governments are getting in on the act as well, increasingly turning to unique iris scans for secure authentication and identity verification.

Like Eyeprint ID, Daon’s IdentityX is also FIDO-certified providing companies with multi-factor biometric authentication solutions across a variety of mobile devices.

“Collaboration with leading providers of best-of-breed authentication technologies as part of our IdentityX authentication platform is a win-win,” said Daon Chief Executive Tom Grissen. “Our partners win through fast access to our large global customer base, our customers win by having rapid access to innovative technologies and we win as the IdentityX platform grows as a thriving and innovative ecosystem. Our partnership with EyeVerify and the incorporation of Eyeprint ID offer real advantages to our customers by adding another proven and successful modality for our current and future customers.”

In announcing the new alliance, EyeVerify cited its own survey conducted in May, which found that people who already use biometrics, like a fingerprint reader on a smartphone, are likely to want more options for secure authentication. In particular, users who take advantage of a fingerprint scanner at least once per day are twice as likely to want other biometric options, like eye scanning or facial recognition.

“Daon has a long history of meeting the multi-modal authentication needs for companies and their customers across the world,” said Paige Bailey, vice president of Financial Solutions at EyeVerify. “We are thrilled that financial institutions will be able to choose our patented eye biometric technology within the IdentityX platform.”