Digital account opening is a defining moment in the relationship with your customers. We leverage the latest technologies and UX research to build customer onboarding flows that minimize friction and reduce dropout rates, while meeting your unique identity verification, risk, and Trust & Safety requirements.

Eliminating False Tradeoffs

Friction and identity assurance levels are not a zero-sum choice. Place user experience at the heart of your customer onboarding experience without raising your tolerance for fraud and abuse, with proven cost-effective strategies and technologies.

Ensuring Compliance

The shifting global regulatory environment can rapidly render static customer onboarding flows obsolete, as soon as they’re implemented. Our dynamic approach to account opening and KYC keeps you ahead of your competitors with the flexibility to meet current, and future, regulatory shifts.

The Privacy by Design Approach

The legal and headline risk created by inadequate data governance puts your organization at jeopardy, as data lakes become data swamps. Reduce risk and meet jurisdictional data regulations with a privacy by design approach to how, and why, customer information is collected during customer onboarding.

Minimizing Drop Off

Each additional point of onboarding friction is another opportunity to lose a new customer. Transform your customer experience with a design thinking approach that prioritizes the user, and maximizes your ability to turn hard-earned qualified leads into long-term customer relationships.

Place user experience at the heart of your customer onboarding experience without raising your tolerance for fraud.

case study

Case Study: IAL2 Product Assessment

A global credit bureau required an audit of how NIST 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines would impact existing and planned products across regulated industries. OWI was engaged to conduct a current state assessment of their product portfolio against NIST standards and to provide feature recommendations and complementary marketing activities.

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