Building Blocks

Category Definitions

Here are the category definitions in the Building Blocks segment of the 2018 Identity Industry Landscape.

Hardware: Segment focused on developing the fundamental hardware components for identity related products.

  • Processors/Chips: Companies focused on developing fundamental computer processing unit (CPU) hardware for identity-related products.
  • Parts/Kits: Manufacturers of low-powered single board computers and other fundamental computer parts.
  • Sensors: Companies focused on the development of fundamental sensors used in either IoT devices, biometrics, or other identity-related technologies.

Software: Fundamental level of coded instructions and protocols leveraged to build a variety of identity products and services.

Hardware/Software: Companies in this category have expressed proficiency in introducing both hardware and software products that are integral and fundamental to the identity industry.

Infrastructure: This segment includes the entities and institutions who are integral in establishing the framework for identity practices across industries.

  • Healthcare Providers: Companies who are authorized to develop, issue, and maintain health insurance and health provider networks. Additionally, these companies are the primary source of identity data within the healthcare industry.
  • Telecommunications: Companies who provide telecommunications products and services to consumers. These companies have access to and use consumer identity information to provide their products and services.
  • Standards Organizations: Organizations focused on establishing the laws, protocols, and guidelines for identity best practices and compliance standards across the identity industry.
  • National Identity Schemes: National government-created citizen identities which also serve as verification and authentication mechanisms for access to both public and private services.
  • Development Organizations: Organizations and companies focused on solving identity challenges in emerging markets.
  • Financial Institutions: These companies (who are limited to the financial industry) are capable of processing monetary transactions and play an integral role in the shaping of the global financial payments infrastructure. These companies develop robust KYC / AML compliant processes to meet regulatory requirements, and as such, are used as a benchmark for the wider identity industry.
  • Influencers: Companies focused on establishing and/or influencing identity related policies or best practices.

Funding: An established segment of firms who have made investments into a variety of companies within the identity landscape.


Here are the companies in the Building Blocks segment of the 2018 Identity Industry Landscape.

Company Category Sub-Category
Aadhaar Infrastructure National Identity Schemes
Acer Ince Hardware Processors/Chips
Adafruit Hardware Parts/Kits
Advent International Funding
Aetna Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
Allegro Software
Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Infrastructure Development Organizations
AMAG Technology Hardware/Software
American Express Infrastructure Financial Institution
Apple Inc. Hardware/Software
Arduino Hardware/Software
ARM Hardware/Software
Assurant Health Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
AT&T Inc. Infrastructure Telecommunications
Ayasdi Software
Banana Pi Hardware Parts/Kits
Bank of America Merill Lynch Infrastructure Financial Institution
Barclays Infrastructure Financial Institution
BBVA Infrastructure Financial Institution
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Infrastructure Development Organizations
BIO-key Hardware/Software
BioTrust Software
Blippar SF Software
Blockchain Capital Funding
BlockStream Software
Bloq Software
Blue Cross Blue Shield Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
Blumberg Capital Funding
Brookings Institute Infrastructure Influencers
CA Technologies Software
Capital One Infrastructure Financial Institution
Center for Identity (University Texas at Austin) Infrastructure Influencers
CGAP Infrastructure Development Organizations
Chain Software
Charles Schwab Infrastructure Financial Institution
Citigroup Inc Infrastructure Financial Institution
Cognitec Software
ConsenSys Software
Consumers International Infrastructure Development Organizations
Cross Match Technologies Inc Hardware/Software
Cryptovision Hardware Parts/Kits
Danube Tech Hardware/Software Processors/Chips
Deutsche Bank Infrastructure Financial Institution
DIACC Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Digital Advertising Alliance Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Digital Currency Group Inc Funding
EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Infrastructure Influencers
Entrust Datacard Hardware Parts/Kits
EpiSensor Hardware Sensors
Estonia ID Infrastructure National Identity Schemes
Evidian Software
Eyelock Hardware Sensors
Fannie Mae Infrastructure Financial Institution
FDIC Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Federation of State Medical Boards Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Fingerprints Hardware/Software
FIS Software
FiServ Software
Foundation Capital Funding
Freescale Hardware Processors/Chips
FTV Capital Funding
Fujitsu – Palm Secure Hardware Sensors
Future of Privacy Forum Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Gem Software
Gemalto NV Hardware/Software
GenKey Solutions B.V Hardware/Software
Giesecke & Devrient Hardware/Software
GLEIF Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Global Benefits Group Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Financial Institution
Green Dot Infrastructure Financial Institution
GS1 Infrastructure Standards Organizations
GSMA Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Helix Institute of Digital Finance Infrastructure Influencers
Hewlett-Packard Company Hardware/Software
HSBC Infrastructure Financial Institution
HTC Hardware Processors/Chips
Huawei Technologies Hardware Processors/Chips
Humana Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
Hyperledger Software
IBM Software
ID Private Equity Funding
ID2020 Infrastructure Development Organizations
ID4Africa Infrastructure Development Organizations
IDESG Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Idinvest Partners Funding
Ineda Systems Hardware Processors/Chips
Intel Hardware Processors/Chips
Intercept Ventures LLC Funding
International Organization for Standards Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Internet Society Infrastructure Standards Organizations
InterTrust Software
Invensense Hardware Sensors
Iris ID Hardware/Software
Iritech Hardware/Software
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Infrastructure Financial Institution
Kaiser Permanente Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
Kantara Initiative Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Kelly Newman Ventures Funding
Legal Entity Identifier Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Lenovo Hardware Processors/Chips
LG Hardware Processors/Chips
Libelium Hardware Sensors
LIGHTest Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Lloyds Banking Group Infrastructure Financial Institution
M2SYS Technology Software
MaxCode Software
Mcube Hardware Sensors
MediaTek Hardware Sensors
Memsic Hardware Sensors
Meritech Capital Partners Funding
Micro Focus Software
Microblink Software
Microsoft Software
MIT Media Labs Infrastructure Influencers
Moog Hardware Sensors
Motorola Solutions Hardware/Software
NADRA Infrastructure National Identity Schemes
National Instruments Hardware/Software
Navex Global Software
NIST Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Novanta Hardware Sensors
NXP Hardware Processors/Chips
OECD Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Omidyar Network Funding
Open ID Foundation Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Open Identity Exchange Infrastructure Standards Organizations
OpenGov Software
Oracle Software
Orange Infrastructure Telecommunications
Petasense Hardware Sensors
Pine64 Hardware Parts/Kits
Princeton Identity Hardware Sensors
Privitar Software
Psikick Hardware Sensors
PTB Ventures Funding
Qualcomm Hardware/Software
Qualtre Hardware Sensors
R3 Software
Rasberry Pi Hardware Parts/Kits
RegTech Lab Funding
RelayR Software
Samsung Hardware/Software
SAP Software
SAS Software
Secure Identity Alliance Infrastructure Development Organizations
Silicon Labs Hardware Processors/Chips
Singtel Infrastructure Telecommunications
SolarisBank Infrastructure Financial Institution
Sovrin Foundation Infrastructure Standards Organizations
Spectrum Infrastructure Telecommunications
Suprema Inc. Hardware Sensors
SWIFT Infrastructure Standards Organizations
T-Mobile Infrastructure Telecommunications
Talis Capital Funding
Taqanu Infrastructure Financial Institution
Tascent Hardware Sensors
Texas Instruments Hardware Processors/Chips
The Bancorp, Inc. Infrastructure Financial Institution
The Clearing House Infrastructure Standards Organizations
The FIDO Alliance Infrastructure Standards Organizations
The Linux Foundation Infrastructure Standards Organizations
The Mastercard Foundation Infrastructure Development Organizations
Thingsee Hardware Sensors
TSMC Hardware Processors/Chips
UBS Infrastructure Financial Institution
United Health One Infrastructure Healthcare Providers
United Nations Infrastructure Development Organizations
Valencell Hardware Sensors
VerifyME Hardware Sensors
Verizon Infrastructure Telecommunications
VIA Hardware Processors/Chips
Vision-Box Hardware Parts/Kits
Vista Equity Partners Funding
Vkansee Technology Hardware Sensors
Whiznets Hardware Sensors
WiseSec Hardware Sensors
World Banking Group Infrastructure Development Organizations
World Identity Network Infrastructure Development Organizations
Wovyn Hardware Sensors
Xerafy Hardware Sensors
XiLinX Hardware/Software
Zwipe Hardware Sensors