Companies to know

Innovators. Disruptors. Game-changers

Here are some startups and established companies that are developing innovative identity solutions.

Advisory & Industry

Both for-profit firms and nonprofits are working to develop industry standards for identity creation, verification, authentication, privacy, and security.

Examples: PwC, Innovate Identity, Open Identity Exchange, IDESG

Background Checks

With the proliferation of digital identities and advances in automation, many companies are looking to make pre-employment, housing applications, and other screenings a breeze.

Example: Onfido

Biometrics & Psychometrics

This segment represents the convergence of digital and physical identities. These companies do everything from iris scan authentication to behavioral biometric fraud detection.

Examples: eyeLock, Biocatch, Suprema

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

As a growing segment with many new tech startups, these companies aim to use blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to create identity protocols outside of established centralized authorities.

Example: Cambridge Blockchain

Civil Identity & Public Security Applications

This is an established industry that provides government identity needs (drivers’ licenses, passport documentation), as well as identity management for defense applications. Some companies are also using biometric technologies, digital, and social information to help develop trusted identities.

Examples: Gemalto, MorphoTrust

Consumer Applications

These companies help users gain control over their own data through a secure, personal library. This also includes companies that organically build digital identities through consumer engagement.

Examples:, meeco,, facebook

Customer Identity Management & Marketing

Through social and traditional sources, these companies are turning anonymous visitors into known customers to drive conversions.

Examples: GIGYA, neustar

Financial Inclusion & Development

These organizations help people around the world create and maintain identities so they can access critical goods and services. These groups also support development through convenings, grants, and research.

Examples: Juvo, Visa, GSMA, World Bank

Fraud & Identity Protection

These companies use big data and predictive analytics to prevent fraud and identity theft issues. They’re even stopping the bad guys through real-time transaction-based decisions, like artificial intelligence.

Example: Experian

Health & Patient Identity

Companies are disrupting the bulky and slow-moving healthcare industry by providing universal identity management, secure patient biometrics, and more.

Example: CrossChx

Identity & Access Management

These companies are putting identity in the center of computer security—they make sure the right individuals get the right resources for the right reasons.

Examples: Ping Identity, Okta, Gartner

Identity of Things

As the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace continues its rapid expansion, both established companies and startups are seeking to build security into all connected things.

Examples: everledger, Dojo-Labs

Know Your Customer & AML Compliance

These companies connect different data sources to verify customer identities. This regulation-based segment (commonly referred to as RegTech) is transforming high-cost and high-touch processes into customer-friendly, fast, accurate, and automated processes.

Examples: Trulioo, Socure