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Need somebody to dig into the details for you? Staying ahead of your competitors means knowing changes and trends before they happen and responding quickly when they do.

The team at OWI Labs is an independent research and analytics group that can help you generate actionable market and business insights.

Published Research

Our seasoned experts and analysts publish deep insights and intelligence utilizing proprietary data and methodologies. Our research covers a number of topic areas, from cybersecurity and supply chain management to alternative credit and the internet of things.

OWI monthly analyses for March tackle federal spending and chip foundries

OWI analysts dig into the latest identity news and legislation from the month of March in our latest whitepapers, tackling industry trends and movement...

Honor Among Thieves: Trust & Safety on the Darknet Market

Trust in the dark: What you can learn about privacy, security, and Trust & Safety from darknet markets How do you establish trust in a...

Know Your Business: $12 Billion Reasons You Should Care

You already know all about KYC. But do you KYB as well? In "Know Your Business: $12 Billion Reasons You Should Care," OWI Labs details...

Don’t Believe the (Blockchain) Hype: The definitive primer on identity and...

“Don’t believe the (blockchain) hype: The definitive primer on identity and blockchain” addresses one of the most intriguing and least understood technological developments of...
Bad Credit? No Credit? Big Identity Problem: The definitive primer on identity data in credit scoring

Bad Credit? No Credit? Big Identity Problem: The definitive primer on...

“Bad credit? No credit? Big identity problem: The definitive primer on identity data in credit scoring” addresses one of the most easily quantifiable ways...

Featured Insights

OWI Working Group sees Trust & Safety as key issue for...

One World Identity (OWI), an independent identity research and strategy company, today released the first results from its ongoing Working Group collaboration, bringing together...

Mobile Identity: The $34 Billion Opportunity

Identity — the set of information we use to prove who we are — is at the core of nearly every interaction between individuals,...

Personal Data Management Fundamentals

The identity data you collect is a core asset of your company, and it’s as vital to the success of your business as any...

Identity, Privacy, and Security

The volume of personal data generated and collected by companies continues to expand exponentially, making it difficult to gauge where the borders of modern...

Five Pillars of Trust and Safety

Establishing best practices for an organization requires a solid, sound foundation that both policies and personnel can build upon, and reference when needed. And...

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