Unlocking enduring value through bold identity-forward strategies

We help clients develop strategy and operations for the digital age and identify the opportunities and threats identity-forward innovation will bring to their industries

What we do

Identity is at the heart of what we do and at the heart of many organizations and industries today. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their most pressing business challenges, identify new opportunities, and propose solutions that drive tangible results. As a result, our clients develop strategies and operations for the digital age, helping shape and define identity-forward innovation.

How we help clients

Business Strategy

Creating your business case is the first step towards achieving your next moonshot. The pace of digital disruptions, regulatory changes, and emerging threats, however, can pose challenges in your ability to realize your company’s vision. Using industry and business-driven insights, we help our clients position their products and customers for the future.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

We believe a sustainable improvement in cybersecurity will be found at the intersection of security, business, and government and not through using fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Cybersecurity is not a problem to solve, but a risk to manage. We help organizations incorporate cybersecurity into their normal business and mature their mission operations.

Product Innovation & User Experience

Your products and services have a unique personality. So do your customers. Although digital channels are replacing face-to-face interactions, trust & safety remains at the core of your customer relationships. We provide clients with the insights they need to build products and services that will maintain a competitive advantage for the long haul.

Performance Improvement

Our world is accelerating at the speed of digital. Whether it’s cutting costs or improving quality control, OWI’s services are designed to help our clients continue reinventing themselves without reinventing the wheel.

Featured capabilities

Trust and Safety Assessment

When it comes to trust & safety, maturity matters. Trust & safety concerns, for both organizations and individuals, include security, privacy, fraud, repudiation, consent to use and control personal information, and redress. The OWI Trust & Safety Assessment takes a diagnostics approach to establish your organization’s strengths and benchmark its performance across five multi-dimensional pillars. We calibrate our proprietary maturity model with deeply customized recommendations, proposing solutions that are tailored to your organization’s people, processes, and products.  

Tabletop Exercises: Crisis Management

The dramatic shift in how we interact with the digital world has created unprecedented access to consumer information and behaviors. This access, however, comes with great responsibility. We help prepare teams for the unpredictable. OWI’s Crisis Management Tabletop Exercises are based on inside knowledge of real events and are designed to provide stimulating, real-world scenarios that test and inform an organization’s’ effectiveness in crisis planning, response, and business continuity. Thinking about the worst prepares you for the worst. At OWI, we help train your teams to continue operating at peak performance.

Tabletop Exercises: Competitive Wargaming

In this game, all you have to know is how to play. OWI’s Wargaming sessions are designed around real-world simulations, intended to mimic and project future business conditions that have the potential to make or break a business strategy. Our industry expertise is rooted in aiding organizations to respond to both real and perceived threats. OWI’s simulations are custom-designed for each organization, combining deep knowledge of competitive threats, regulatory pressures, and market dynamics to inform agility and flexibility in your business planning.

Recent examples of our work

  • We helped an international payments processor develop a strategy and framework for assessing and selecting identity verification vendors to improve scalability across multiple jurisdictions and reduce overall program cost.
  • We helped a leading mobile FinTech company develop their strategy around identity-related innovation and determine if its product was viable across new geographic areas of interest. Upon receiving our analysis and recommendation, our client shifted their business model to include identity verification and KYC services in their product suite, creating additional revenue streams and partnership opportunities.
  • A large regional bank enlisted OWI to develop and implement a full change management program to help with the bank’s implementation of a full compliance transformation that aligned its policies and operating procedures with new regulations. As a result, the bank standardized its compliance practices across all business units and got cultural buy-in from employees across the organization. This allowed the bank to adopt operating procedures that were in accordance with new AML policies and regulatory standards, avoiding potentially millions in fines.

Our People


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