Advisory Services

The identity industry's trusted advisor and strategy partner

We help clients develop strategy and operations for the digital age and identify the opportunities and threats identity-forward innovation will bring to their industries

We help people and organizations, regardless of stage or size, build and execute upon their business strategies, make informed investment decisions, and connect with key decision makers. By combining deep industry knowledge and real-life experiences, data-driven insights, and a holistic market view, we are able to provide our Advisory Members with unique perspectives and comprehensive business support.

As an Advisory Member, your engagement with OWI is aligned with your business objectives, not just a project plan. This approach enables you and your team the flexibility and ability to react fast and make adjustments as market trends shift month over month.

In addition to ongoing services, you’ll receive a suite of additional perks including special access to OWI events, research, consulting services, and a network of partner solutions.

How we help our members

Whether identity is your business, or it enables your business, OWI’s Advisory Members Platform will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, stay up-to-date on current social, economic, and technology trends, and act on opportunities and threats before they happen.


Our team will take a close look at your people, processes, and technologies, as well as external factors like your competitive landscape. The results include a current state assessment and market analysis report that detail your strengths, weaknesses, and strategic opportunities.


Whether you’re looking for information on your competitors or the latest news from The Hill, OWI’s regular briefs and trend reports provide you with world-class insights to tackle any challenge that comes your way. We provide you with direct access to our team of analysts and advisors so you can receive quick, comprehensive answers to your toughest questions… whenever, wherever.


Finding success isn’t always easy—but luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll get plugged into our extensive network of analysts, investors, and business leaders. We’ll also provide you with the communications and influence you need to accomplish any business goal.


In addition to ongoing intelligence, insights, and support, you and your organization will have access to OWI’s perks hub for Advisory Members. Perks include exclusive discounts to the rest of the OWI Platform, including research report downloads, members-only events, educational training through OWI Institute, discounts on KNOW Identity conferences, and much more through OWI’s partner network.

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