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Chinese man denied home loan because he does not have arms or fingerprints – One World Identity

November 25, 2016

Creditors in China refused to grant a home loan to a Chinese man without arms, because he was unable to provide them with a fingerprint to identify himself for his loan application.

Several banks in Zhengzhou would not qualify Wu Jianping for a mortgage as a result of his inability to provide fingerprints, as reported by China Daily. The banks felt that a signature alone is not legally binding, and a fingerprint is necessary to authorize the loan.

Financial institutions in China apparently feel that while a signature can be forged, fingerprints are a more secure form of identification. The policies are apparently not supported by any local laws, however.

Facing criticism after Wu’s story began gaining traction across China, a number of banks reversed their decisions and eventually offered him a loan.

Wu lost both of his arms in an electric accident at the age of 5. Now 25, he signs documents by holding a pen in his mouth.